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Pokka small doctor teach you how to pick kindergarten toys?

Date:[2017-07-26]     Hits:

Children's toys - growing partners, eternal themes, intellectual toys. The development of children's intelligence, exercise the child's hands-on ability, give the children a never-ending happy childhood. So how to pick kindergarten toys? Xiaobian for everyone to summarize the following points:


Parents in order to make children more happy or intellectual growth faster, and the purchase of toys beyond the age range, but too much function of toys, may not be able to please the joy of children. Sometimes the child will not use, fear or frustration, but reduced the ability and willingness to do a certain area. Now a lot of smart toys to take full account of the ease of operation. Simple operation of the toys in order to develop the habit of learning and exploration, so that the sense of success has been to enhance the child's self-confidence.


Most of the parents like the best toy how to fall how hit is not bad. In fact, the durability of a toy depends on the design of the comprehensive, manufacturing methods and materials with. Durability should also take into account the toy's playability, a lot of smart toys even if the function of a lot, but did not take into account the children to learn, explore the desire and curiosity of the correct guidance, ignoring the child's attention is easy to disperse the fact. Many children stay in one or two functions on the game, will inevitably make children tired of life, many parents often complain that their children just bought a toy and want new. A good toy should let the children willing to play, have fun to play, can learn by analogy. This can not only meet the child curious, active, eager to learn the characteristics of more children in the development of brain cells play an incredible role.


The color of the toy, shape, composition is an important factor in attracting children. Colorful toys, not only easy to attract children's preferences, but also cause the attention of parents. For example, can comb hair, changing clothes dolls, not only to girls like, but also to cultivate the child's hands-on ability.

People are different from mind

Children of different character should provide them with different types of kindergarten toys. For example, for the more active, restless children, let them play some building blocks, puzzles and other static toys, so that they learn in a long period of time to focus and control their emotions and behavior. And for the introverted and even eccentric children, they should play some electric toys, so that they are in a relaxed and free atmosphere to produce a happy and confident mood. In addition, for those careless, impatient, non-gregarious children, you can also pick the corresponding kindergarten toys, so that they slowly in the game to correct some of their shortcomings in their character.


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